Tips for Boosting your Immune System

We are coming into “flu” season, so I thought what better time than now to share some immune boosting tips with you all. Ideally we’d like to prevent you getting sick in the first place by building a strong immune system, but if you do happen to get sick, supporting your bodies natural ability to recover is just as important, if not more!

The Immune System is your bodies natural defense mechanism against virus’s and bacterial infections. It’s essentially there to keep you alive and healthy! Just like you need to fuel your body with food for energy, you also need fuel your immune system with nutrients to keep it on it’s A-game!

Nutrients to increase:

1. Zinc – found in red meat, oysters, legumes, nuts and seeds.

2. Vitamin A, C & E – found in blueberries, kale, spinach, beetroots, carrots and broccoli.

3. Vitamin D – a little bit of sunshine is your best bet!

Natural Antimicrobial's to incorporate into your meals:

(yep – these foods/herbs can kill off infectious bacteria just like antibiotics)

1. Garlic

2. Manuca Honey

3. Ginger

4. Echinacea

5. Oregano

My supplement of choice:

Bioceuticals by ArmaForce, is a blend of powerful herbs and nutrients (some mentioned above) for immune support. If my immune system is needing some love or I’m fighting off the flu, this would be my first pick. This little treasure can be purchased from most chemists from behind the counter.

Immunity Tea:

This little concoction is soothing for a sore throat, the ginger settles your tummy and manuca honey is antimicrobial! Combine 1cm of fresh ginger sliced, a teaspoon of manuca honey and ½ lemon squeezed in boiling water. Allow it to sit for 10mins before drinking.

Give your Gut some LOVE:

Funnily enough, around 70% of your immune cells actually live in your gut! With that in mind, you can probably imagine the affects of poor digestion on your immune system. For details on looking after your gut health, check my blog post completely dedicated to this topic!

And lastly, I could never end a blog post without mentioning – EAT A WHOLEFOODS BASED DIET!

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