How to become a MEAL PREPPIN' QUEEN

Time is of the essence - seriously though. How often do most people have to prepare nourishing breakfast, lunches and dinners each day? Between work, children, exercise, cleaning the house and everything else that pops up, it's hard to find the time. Store bought healthy food is also hard to come by and not particularly cheap. That's why preparation is key!


First thing I'd recommend everyone do is choose a day where you have a little spare time, head out to the farmers markets to get your fresh, locally grown produce and do a grocery haul. Here are a few tips that I swear by:

- Shop with a shopping list. This will ensure you

a) get everything you need

b) don't give into the grocery stores marketing and buy unnecessary blocks of chocolate or tubs of ice cream and

c) saves you money!

- Prep your vegetables by chopping them up and placing them into easy to grab containers/bags which you can quickly throw into the steamer or dish your cooking. This will save you cooking and cleaning up time on those days where all you want to do is curl up in front of the TV with a yummy dinner and glass of red.

- Roast a big tray of vegetables in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with some immune boosting herbs. My go-to's are sweet potato, pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, with garlic, ginger and rosemary. These veg can be reheated and thrown into your nourish bowls for lunch, be eaten as a snack or a side to your dinner.


Think about your breakfasts, are they balanced and contain healthy fats and protein? This is what sets you up for the day by ensuring stable blood sugar levels, reducing energy fluctuations, cravings and leaving you feel fuller for longer.

- Try making some Brekky Muffin for brekky-on-the-go.

- Also consider boiling and peeling eggs to throw with some spinach, avocado and the roast vegetables I mentioned above for a nourishing Breakfast Bowl.

- Prepare some Paleo Pancakes (recipe here), which you can re-heat or even have cold with coconut yoghurt and berries.

- Also have some frozen fruit on hand (eg. Berries and Bananas), to blend in a smoothie with some nuts, LSA, coconut/almond milk and yoghurt.


The way to make lunch easy - whenever you do cook dinner, ALWAYS MAKE DOUBLE. Yes, it's this little trick that I swear makes life 1 billion, trillion times easier.

- When you aren't feeling like leftovers, the second best thing is Nourish Bowls. The thing I love most about Nourish Bowls is there really is no recipe. So long as it is a REAL, unprocessed, whole food, it belongs in a Nourish Bowl.

- Aren't you glad you've got those roast vegetables on hand to add to well... everything ;) Now's your time to combine them with some tuna, smoked salmon, left over chicken or other protein and devour a tummy warming, hearty lunch.


Easy to grab meals, with a great protein source and loads of vegetables make for a balanced and filling dinner or lunch.

- Pre-cook 1-2 meals for dinners or lunches, but make double!

- Some ideas might include a stir fry, mexican mince for healthy taco/salad bowlsor satay chicken.

- Always make meals that are flavour packed, loaded with vegetables and can be re-heated.


Snacking is where most people get caught out when trying keep their diet in check. The sweet biscuits, slice of cake or hot milo in the Office kitchen can be tempting. That's why having healthy snacks within easy reach is SO IMPORTANT.

- Raw nuts and seeds portioned into zip lock bags are the perfect sugar craving killer.

- Check out this Bliss Ball Recipe here.

- Combine your favorite fruit with a bit of natural nut butter.

- Cut up some carrot and celery to to dip in Hummus or Nut Butter.

- Snack on a boiled egg or Brekky Muffin

It's important to make this work for you. Think about when you struggle with eating healthy and be prepared for those moments. You do not need to over complicate the process! Also try find some great websites that make easy, delicious and healthy recipes to mix it up a little.

Here's a couple that I love!

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