Working with me...

Yes, I'm here educate and guide you through changes, so you're feeling you're absolute best, but, I'm also here to listen.


I'm with you every step of the way!

I am even happy to be your verbal punching bag at times when you're struggling  (I can handle a bit of sass), but, I'm also going to hit you with some straight talking, no BS advice.


Because KNOWLEDGE is only half the puzzle, the other half is ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT

- I'm here to give you all three! 

Consultation Package Inclusions

Your Personal 6 Week Nutrition Program


Beyond the Consultations below, you will have access to me any time over the 6 weeks via email to ask

questions, seek support and receive some much needed pep talks!



Initial Consultation (1hr)

Full health assessment history,

Dietary evaluation and re-modeling for individualised nutritional plan, 

Where necessary, recommendation for nutritional supplementation,

1 weeks personalised meal plan,

Shopping List and Recipes

Analysis and requests for further testing where required,

Additional resources and guidance material.


Follow up Consultation (30min)

Progress review,

Dietary remodeling/adjustments,

Practical guidance and development of phase 2 Treatment Protocol,

Accountability and Support!



Follow Up Consultation (30min)

Advice and support for adjusting and maintaining the changes LONG TERM.

This final consultation is for you to ask questions and gain more support and guidance.

Not sure if this is the best approach for you? 

If you've been battling a long term medical conditions or have symptoms that you can't seem to get

to the bottom of - this is for you! 

The 1:1 Consultation Package is designed for women that need personalised programs and ongoing support.

I regularly work with women struggling with depression, anxiety, digestive conditions, low energy, food intolerance's or allergies, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue +so much more. The best approach for these Clients is always PERSONALISED, taking into consideration their individual circumstances, health history and future health goals. 

Does this sound like you? Let's chat! 

Have Questions in mind?

This just might answer them:

  • Consultations are done via Zoom video-conferencing, face to face, or via phone call;

  • Prior to the appointment, I will ask that you fill out a "New Client Form". This is a snapshot of your usual eating patterns and health history;

  • An initial consultation is 1 hr;

  • The first 45-minutes, we go through your health history and dietary evaluation in great detail;

  • My aim is to always dig deep and work with you to underlying cause(s) for your symptoms or health struggles. That way, we can focus on resolving the real issue at hand;

  • The last 15 minutes is spent discussing your treatment protocol, recommended dietary modifications, lifestyle considerations, supplementation (if required) and next steps;

  • Within 24-48hrs of the Consultation, I will email you a personalised Treatment Protocol, 1 week’s example meal plan and any additional information/resources that may be relevant to your case. Your questions are always welcome!

  • More often than not, working on resolving your health struggles will take time, commitment and adjustments. That's why Follow up Consultations are always included with my Consultation Package.

My end goal is for you to feel great - PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY & MENTALLY LONG TERM.

I can’t wait to work with you and help make that happen!

Still unsure?

Let's schedule a free, 15 minute, no obligations call to see if I'm the right girl to help you tackle your health goals!

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